What are the core skills required while hiring a chef?

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Working in a kitchen can be both demanding and rewarding at the same time. You must be ready to work in the kitchen with the same passion and enthusiasm. From cooking to washing dishes to setting tables, you need to be adept with all kitchen work.

Other than cooking, some skills make you a skilled chef. Here are the core skills that executive chef recruitment agencies look for in their candidates.

What skills should a good chef possess?

Appetite for knowledge 

An executive chef Saudi Arabia should always be curious and interested in learning new cuisines and dishes. They should be ready to work and experiment to increase their knowledge. Some flavours and dishes require practice to expertise in them. So a chef should always be open to constant learning.

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True passion for cooking

Cooking is a lifetime course. You can’t learn it in one or three years. It takes a lifetime to master the art of cooking. Every time you cook, you discover something new. A chef has to work every day, may it be a special day like valentines day, Christmas or any regular day. So your desire to make people happy with your food should be alive. 

Clean and organized 

An executive chef Saudi Arabia  is constantly cooking and they need different equipment and ingredients. If the kitchen is a mess it can get overwhelming if you can’t find the right thing on time and the dish can get spoiled. Therefore chef’s should keep their kitchen organized and clean for easy and faster working.


A single plate will have different dishes and ingredients that take their time and procedure to be prepared. Keeping in mind what to make when and how to keep track of all the work going on simultaneously requires some heavy multitasking skills. 

Strength and stamina

A chef’s work requires the person to stand for the whole time and work. Therefore they should be strong and should not go around fainting after a bit of heavy work. Restaurant kitchens where food for many people are cooked will have heavy equipment. A chef should have the strength and stamina to pick, use and work with them.

Time management

Every dish requires a different time for preparation. If that preparation time changes so does the taste. Therefore the chef needs to have good time management skills. The chef should be able to create the dish in the minimum time required without any glitches. Chefs do a lot of multi-tasking, with which they need to keep a track of time also.


A perfect dish requires the work of many chefs. Each chef has their field of expertise in which they excel, but u need to put together all their works to create a perfect dish. Even if one person of that chain is missing it won’t work well. Every kitchen needs teamwork and every chef should be a team player and not individual players. Therefore the chef should be ready to work as a team.  

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Creative mind

Food that appeals to your eyes and mouth is what you seek in a restaurant. The look of the dish and its plating is a very important factor. What dish goes with what and how it would taste to how it should be plated to look the best is what is needed. Therefore creativity should be a very important factor for a chef.

Leadership skill sets

Every team needs a team leader who represents the team. Similarly, every kitchen needs a head chef who approves the work and makes it a team. You need leadership skills to be a head chef. They need to constantly mentor and motivate their team of chefs.

Open-minded to opinions

Every customer has feedback for the food. It could be good feedback or bad feedback. Chefs should have an open mind to criticism and be ready to think on it and decide rightly. They should listen to the customer and be able to judge what to do or what not to do. While hiring a chef,  executive chef recruitment agencies will always verify their team working skills and their openness to accept ideas from all.

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