What are the different stages of recruitment?

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Recruitment is a very systematic approach to hiring candidates. These candidates are usually hand-picked by companies and many work with very stringent policies for hiring a new candidate. It is a myth that the companies have it easy to recruit employees. Recruitment is not just about getting a job description out and choosing a candidate a very systematic workflow goes behind hiring a single candidate.

According to the head hunting agency, a recruitment procedure can take a company about 5 to 6 months easily if they follow all the procedures in the correct order. Many companies often engage with headhunters and national to look for candidates, but many still follow the old way of hiring. Let us look at the procedure that is used for hiring.

Steps in the hiring process

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1.   Candidate job profile:

The first and the foremost step is to hire a good candidate, and it starts with formatting a good candidate profile. This can include a brief description of the necessary job skills that are required for the candidate. A company must spend a lot of time creating a suitable job profile and description.

2.   Sourcing talents:

This includes communicating with the candidates. The company involves an application tracking system that can source information that is found through various online platforms for the right candidate for the job. Good sourcing requires time and dedication. A company can save a lot of time on sourcing if they engage with a head hunting agency they have very effective ways to carry out sourcing.

3.   Converting applications:

A company on average receives hundreds of applications for a particular job position. It becomes impossible for people to go through each and every resume. At such a point if time companies use application governors, these usually convert the key skills and keywords of the application profile and create a database through the system.

4.   Selecting candidates:

Once the database is formulated the next step is screening and selecting candidates. Many companies do it manually while some high-end companies use software for the same. This process involves differentiating the candidate’s profiles from one another and giving them preference or ranking. Some of the profiles are listed for further interviews.

5.   Interview process:

After the candidates are shortlisted the candidate goes through a series of interviews with the company. This can include physical or virtual interviews with the company heads. This process can involve several rounds or when a single round.

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6.   Background check:

Once a candidate is selected, the company performs a background check of the employee, this is a crucial step for all companies to ensure hiring genuine candidates. The candidate is checked for any criminal records, their prior work experience, educational background, and many different things depending on the requirement.

7.   Onboarding:

After the candidate has passed the background check the company undergoes a boarding process, that is signing contracts, training, and many similar things. This helps the candidate blend in with the working culture of the company. A company thus goes through several processes before they choose the right candidate. Hiring is not an easy job, and not organizations out there have time to hire candidates through such a tedious and systematic process. In such a case a headhunters international agency can be of great help. They help in minimizing all the steps mentioned above and help fill job vacancies rather quickly and efficiently.

Video source:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCXzLc5AcWE

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