What are the Services Provided by a Laravel Developer?

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Laravel is a free PHP web platform designed by Taylor Otwell and based on Symfony for the creation of websites using the model-view-controller (MVC) architectural template. Any of Laravel’s capabilities include a flexible packaging framework with a specialized dependency manager, multiple ways to navigate database systems, utilities that support deployment and management of programs, and its syntactic alignment.

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Laravel developer is an IT specialist specialized in PHP programming language creation of web applications using Laravel Platform. They stick to the current guidelines for software creation and adopt the best web application procedures to make the solution for the reason up to the mark. Hire dedicated Laravel developer help you to get hands-on the experts which provides immersive and responsive online and software technologies.

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Skills of a Laravel developer

  • Excellent understanding of the Laravel architecture and practice using abstract models, interfaces, traits in constructing factories/facades/libraries.
  • Unit testing expertise using testing systems such as PHPUnit.
  • Good understanding of RDBMS (MySQL/MS SQL/PostgreSQL), strategies for developing databases and query optimization. An additional bonus would be the familiarity of NoSQL (MongoDB/DynamoDB) databases.
  • Good core understanding of the HTML5 framework, CSS3, jQuery and Bootstrap. An additional bonus would be the Javascript Frameworks (AngularJS/ReactJS/VueJS) experience.
  • Strong experience in the creation and development of the RESTful API, like oAuth2.0 integration for authentication and authorization.
  • Hands-on experience in the creation and development of the RESTful API, like oAuth2.0 implementation for authentication and authorization.
  • An additional bonus would be expertise in the growth of micro-services.
  • Strong understanding of version control systems such as Git, good knowledge of the workflow of Gitflow, software for repository management such as BitBucket and awareness of the overall mechanism of CI/CD.

Laravel developer qualifications

  • Past projects experience as a PHP/Laravel developer.
  • Computer Science, Engineering, MIS or equivalent BS/MS degree in the related area.
  • Object-oriented PHP and Laravel 5 PHP Application in-depth information,
  • Hands-on SQL schema architecture practice, Sound principles, design of the REST API.
  • Testing with applications (PHPUnit, PHPSpec, Behat).
  • · MySQL analysis and configuration of queries.
  • · Creative and effective solver of problems.
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Services provided by Laravel developers

  • Laravel Web Custom Apps- To satisfy your market needs, Laravel developers give you a lot of personalized and advanced Laravel solutions.
  • E-commerce & CMS Solutions by Laravel- With the best features and aesthetic appeal, they design and create strong and beautiful e-commerce pages.
  • Custom Production of Laravel API- They have the skills to design custom software applications for fast, stable and reliable solutions by using Laravel API.
  • Migration & Porting Facilities by Laravel- Laravel developers update the older framework or easily and system specifications with other PHP frameworks.
  • Third-Party Integration of Laravel- They expand the Laravel framework or website capabilities by combining it with 100 third-party services and APIs.
  • Laravel Layout Template- They promise that the elegance of innovative functionality that you will see in modified models organized by the team can improve your website.
  • Maintenance and Assistance- You can also expect them for the quality and timely repair & support facilities, and developers have extensive expertise in designing tailored software.
  • Integration and Enhancement of Website- Developers that can manage each form of site enhancement implementation, which further allows you to produce the best outcomes for your company.
  • ITs executive headhunters help you lay hands-on experts who can develop a personalized GUI that is focused on varied specifications and follows the company objectives.
  • Laravel Development Framework- Hiring developers from Laravel would make you the owner of a complex & user-friendly framework that works to accomplish your ultimate objectives.

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