Can HR and Recruiter Work Together?

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If Human Resource is a road then the recruiter is the starting point of the road. Both of them have unique expertise in staffing. With such a plethora of expertise, what happens? Let’s have a look at why HR and recruiters can make staffing better:

Difference between HR and recruiters

  • Qualifications

Human resource managers require a bachelor’s or master’s degree in human resources, business, and in some related fields. Many places require HR experience for 3 to 5 years. On the other hand, you can be a recruiter by having a high school diploma or an undergraduate degree. Generally, recruiters do not require experience.

  • Tenure

Recruiters can be contractual as well as full-time. Generally, recruiters are external employees hired by a company to look over the recruitment process. They can be hired by the company on a full as well as part-time basis. It depends upon the recruiter as well as the company. However, Human Resource managers are full-time employees of the company.

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  • Nature of work

This is the major distinction between HR and recruiters. Recruiters just look after shortlisting and interviewing employees. Their work stops at recruiting people. However, Human Resource Managers have a bigger role than Recruiters. They are responsible for managing the entire workforce of a company. Recruiters have their time till the employees are hired.

  • Timeline

The work of HR begins where the work of recruiters ends. Alternatively, Recruiters get hired with the permission of HR managers only. HR assesses the need for hiring recruiters after which they are hired. From the salary to the tenure of the contract, human resource managers decide all of it. Most importantly, recruiters take care of the database which is forwarded to HR managers after shortlisting.

How can HR and recruitment agencies work together?

  • Build a relationship

It is important to know each other before starting. It is important to build a relationship between HR managers and recruitment agencies. This process starts with finding out each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This process will begin with a smooth communication skill between both parties. Both of the parties must give time in knowing each other properly.

  • Proper delegation of authority

It is important to understand who does what. The duties of the HR team and Best recruitment agencies Manchester team should be properly outlined. Both parties must know what they are responsible and accountable for. On not assigning duties, there are high chances of confusion and unprofessionalism.

Figure out strategies

This is exactly why and where recruitment agencies should come together. They can create excellent talent acquisition strategies. As recruiters have expertise in attracting candidates and HR managers in handling the interview process, they can formulate innovative strategies together. They can mix up a different platform to increase the reach of candidates.

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Improvement and feedback

It is important to understand whether the methods are effective or not. Therefore, both parties must evaluate the methods. They must figure out what’s going well and what should be improved. If candidates do not perform well in the future then they can think of ways of evaluation. They can also bring up better strategies to find a suitable candidate.


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