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Why developers choose Joomla over WordPress

This article will focus on explaining the reasons behind why developers choose Joomla over WordPress. For starters, the two platforms are both open-source and content management systems. However, Joomla is a more robust software with a lot of features that WordPress lacks. In addition to this, Joomla has been around for more time period and development continues to improve upon it. This means that there is more chance for compatibility with other third party technologies while little chance of incompatibility in the case of WordPress. This makes Joomla very developer-friendly.

Now, let’s talk about ease of use and simplicity of development for the two CMSs. WordPress is considered easy to use since it uses common PHP functions that are used in other web applications as well. This makes plugin development easier on WordPress than its competitors. Furthermore, there are no complex server requirements like there are with Joomla, which means developers can work on practically any hosting service they want including shared hosting options like Bluehost or HostGator .

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However, despite all these factors, wordpress does not provide a lot of flexibility especially when you need custom coding done; this is one reason why technical freelancers hire experience Joomla developer – because the platform features over 2000 extensions distributed through a single package. This makes it much easier to use and develop on, resulting in better quality code from developers.

In conclusion, Joomla has been around since the beginning of blogging platforms, making it more reliable and compatible with other softwares that suit your needs for web design or development purposes. In addition to that, there are over 2000 extensions available for use through a single package making customization so much easier while offering very few compatibility issues unlike WordPress. If hire a Joomla developer , you can have virtually any features you want installed in minutes – all at a reduced price range when compared to other CMSs.

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WordPress is still a great option if hire a WordPress developer especially if project only requires basic customization options but hire a Joomla developer and you can hire a freelancer to build the site you need with almost no time needed.

If hire a Joomla developer , it can be configured for any purpose and there are over 2000 extensions available through one package allowing developers to install custom features in minutes – at reduced rates compared to other platforms like wordpress .

Conclusion :

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