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How and Why to Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Author Name:- Kylle Morgan

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Virtual assistant generally operates outside the employer’s office to provide administrative services to different clients. They worked as an independent contractor from home to manage documentations and planning remotely.  Generally people who are employed as virtual assistants I have many years of experience.  I have already worked as an administrative assistant or manager office. 

Who are skilled with social media, graphic designing, content writing, blog editing get many opportunities to work Expert administrative virtual assistant. They are self-employed and offer to manage administrative services from home. They perform the typical works of scheduling meetings and appointments, managing phone calls and writing emails. But nowadays virtual assistants have started offering services like social media management, graphic designing, marketing and blogging.

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How do they work?

Many businesses whether small or large depend on virtual offices to minimize cost and optimally use internet.  It has become quite easier for the businesses to hire an administrative virtual assistant for only the services they require. The companies don’t need to pay same amount of taxes and provide similar benefits to a virtual assistant than a permanent employee.  It helps the companies to save workspace at the office because an administrative virtual assistant works from home.

Duties of a virtual assistant

  • The work similar to any other assistant such as scheduling meetings for the client,  managing phone calls to make appointments,  composing emails and making arrangements for the client’s travel. 
  • The duties of a virtual assistant may vary depending on the terms and conditions discussed with the client. 
  • Some virtual assistants are asked to manage bookkeeping and clerical job.
  • Some assistants manage social media accounts and write and edit blogs. 
  • Full time assistants may also handle jobs like data entry, storing and recovering information.

Benefits of a virtual assistant

  • Virtual assistants are very flexible in terms of providing their services which benefits the clients.
  • When the contract is signed, it is mentioned that whether the assistant will be paid depending on the task or on the number of working hours.
  • In case of a full-time assistant in an office, they are required to be paid depending on the number of working hours. 
  • For any scale of business, it has become easy to hire a virtual assistant that can help them manage some of the tedious tasks so that they can focus on generating the revenue.
  • Hiring a virtual assistant is less costly and more time saving. It becomes easy for the clients to get animators for hire to take care of graphic designing and social media blogging.

Video Source:- Travis Marziani

Required qualifications

There is no such specific requirements to become and administrative virtual assistant.  One can become virtual assistant with some specialized training.  Many companies and college communities offer courses online for being a virtual assistant and also provide certificates after the completion of the course. The basic requirements for being a virtual assistant are that they need to be technically efficient and should be aware of various computer skills. They need to be familiar with software and programs open used in businesses. They also need to have good communication skills.

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